Global Leader in Programmatic Advertising

Why We Exist

We create programmatic marketplaces where premium publishers and app developers can best monetize their content by connecting with leading advertisers that value their audiences.


Publisher focused, buyer aligned

Clients work with Sustainable Ad Exchange because of our commitment to quality, our ability to deliver highly efficient and scalable marketplaces and our superior partner service.


Innovating the future of digital advertising

Investment in high-quality teams and technology enables us to transact ever increasing value for clients as the industry expands to new platforms and screens.


Ranked first in quality worldwide

We are ranked as one of the cleanest supply sources for high-quality inventory in the world across both desktop and mobile app.

Our Mission

We create awesome programmatic marketplaces.

By remaining focused on creating powerful and effective publisher solutions, we have created a highly efficient programmatic platform that provides optimal value for both sides of every transaction.

How we operate is what makes us so special

We are driven by our commitment to deliver exceptional partner service alongside the industry’s highest quality inventory and best performing programmatic technology.

Founded in 2016

Sustainable Ad Exchange pioneered the first socially conscious RTB exchange

Strong and growing

People are our core asset. Our number one goal is to create an environment where people can do the best work of their careers alongside some of the brightest minds in ad tech.

Privately owned and operated

Independent companies like Sustainable Ad Exchange present a vital option for publishers and advertisers looking for high-quality and transparent advertising solutions.

Industry recognized growth and success

Sustainable Ad Exchange is partnered with industry leading companies to provide top tier results. We’ve also been recognized both locally and nationally as a successful and fast growing business, and one of the best places to work in technology.

Our Locations

We operate in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

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The values that define us

Our company values form a solid bedrock serving to define us as a group and guide the company. Our values remind us that how we do things often matters as much as what we do.

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