Driving Superior Monetization

Creating Quality Programmatic Advertising Markets That Drive Superior Monetization for Publishers & App Developers

Sustainable Ad Exchange

Delivering Against the Highest Standards

The highest quality programmatic ad marketplace, purposefully built for supply partners. The Sustainable Ad Exchange provides publishers and app developers complete control over their entire advertising platform with superior customer support and dedicated Yield Analysts.

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Sustainable Ad Server

Produce the Best Decisions for Your Ad Inventory

The Sustainable Ad Server is integrated to the highest quality ad exchange and provides publishers with advanced tools, including built-in header bidding line item and guaranteed programmatic selling tools built into the UI.

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Sustainable Ad Exchange Bidder

The Highest Yielding Bidder Solution

Sustainable Ad Exchange Bidder is the highest yielding header bidding solution used by publishers today. By connecting to the most powerful programmatic marketplace in the world – the Sustainable Ad Exchange Ad Exchange – publishers immediately experience increased competition from premium brands for their impressions. The results are dynamic bids and smarter decisioning that help publishers and app developers optimize the value of every impression.

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Sustainable Ad Exchange Mobile

A Fully Mobile Optimized Ad Exchange

Sustainable Ad Exchange provides 50,000+ mobile apps access to the budgets from 11K+ advertisers and 135+ DSPs. The Sustainable Ad Exchange Mobile Ad Exchange generates 300B+ bids per month and is consistently ranked #1 in Quality for Mobile app from Pixalate.

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Sustainable Ad Exchange Bidder for Apps

Superior Yield for Each Impression

Sustainable Ad Exchange Bidder for Apps is an easy to integrate, lightweight App bidder solution that delivers superior yield on every impression.

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Sustainable Ad Exchange Programmatic Direct: Real Time-Guaranteed

New Premium Selling Model

The benefits of direct buys, executed programmatically – with audience syncing and volume guarantees.

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Sustainable Ad Exchange Programmatic Direct: Private Marketplaces

Drive Value Through Deeper Relationships

Premium inventory performs best in a quality ad marketplace, and Sustainable Ad Exchange Private Marketplaces provides that environment. Sustainable Ad Exchange delivers new revenue streams, instantly scaled through Multi-Publisher Deals, with full control, to ensure inventory is packaged to capture its highest possible value.

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Driving Superior Monetization

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